Thursday, March 26, 2009

Can't Live Without It

I absolutely love my Anti-Bacterial Complexion Pad by Earth Therapeutics. I had no idea these things existed until about October of '08. I swear by exfoliator and its skin-clearing capabilities (it's still completely overlooked and totally underrated). I always felt as though my measly little fingers somehow missed a surface of my face or that they didn't apply enough pressure and I would often scrub my face into a red frenzy. So I thought "WOW, what if I invented a sort of face loofah!" Behold, someone thought of it already...[sigh] Ok, a big part of me was relieved. I looked it up online and saw that ULTA carried some; I wanted to check it out in person. I picked this particular one out on a whim and I've tried others, but this one is just the perfect texture. It really feels like it's doing something for my skin without my applying too much pressure. And my skin feels amazing whether I use this with a face scrub or regular face wash. They're under $4 pre-tax and the directions say that with every day use, they last for 3 months. I just buy a few of them and when I open the newest one, I use a permanent marker to write the date that the pad needs to be thrown out (else I'm left wondering when I bought it and how long it's been and if February counts as a whole month because it's a total runt and has less days then all the other months and then I realize it's already March and Easter is coming up soon.....ALL while washing my face) So just decide right away when you'll throw it out and be faithful to the date you write on the little tag that's hanging off it. Other awesome things about my love affair: not tested on animals, recyclable, environmentally friendly and won't leave me for another face. I can't live without it!


  1. I love this product ! Really glad to see your review - and I totally agree with you on that it really does make a huge difference in the way your skin feels.

    I use mine with plain ol cetaphil now - but it works so good with any cleanser.

  2. Thanks for the heads up on formspring! (I'm saving up for a Clarisonic.) Unfortunately, I live about 20 miles away from the closest Ulta, and even with a full tank of gas, I don't think I could brave the construction going on in that area. I will be scouring the internet for some with relatively cheap shipping. For some reason I don't see any at For now I will try using a face wipe first!