Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hello Pretty World

I love makeup. I know a lot of other girls do too, but I'd venture to say that my obsession needs medical attention (my family would agree). From the moment I started wearing makeup, I've always thought about perfecting everything, from production to application. A funny thing started happening- people began asking "How?" about everything from skin care routines to eyeliner tips to flawless base application. Not only do I love makeup, I love sharing what I know with as many people as possible.I am a total advocate of educated consumerism and nowadays, you can find a review on just about anything. So here it is: the birth of my blog. Send in questions, requests and comments at will. If I don't have the answer, I'll find someone who does. Subscribe and share with your friends. I hope you find something here that keeps you coming back!


  1. i was wondering what u use on your face on an every day basis. like face wash cleanser and moisturizer.. your face looks great. like flawless. and wrinkle

  2. Hi Nur, I have just find your channel on youtube and immediately I entered on your blog. Just amazing!! I'm loving it!! Please, keep on and continue sharing with us all of your knowledge about make up, cosmetics, etc. If I could ask you to blog about something, it would be about " how to apply false eyelash". It really interest me because I never get it...

    Best Regards (Livia - Salvador/Brazil)