Monday, June 29, 2009

Up, Up and Stay!

Of all the eye makeup tips I love to share, this one is probably the simplest to incorporate right away. Check out my video:

Long, curled eyelashes make eyes seem big and awake. And yes, we've heard all the tricks in the book: curl your eyelashes, curl your eyelashes after you put on mascara (THIS IS A BIG NO NO, lest you detest your eyelashes and you're making a silent and weird protest to hair...), blow-dry your eyelash curler to heat it up and curl your eyelashes (sure, let me singe my eyeballs too) and last but not least, sleep with your eyes open and your face flat against your pillow. Oh wait, you haven't heard that one? Ok, clearly, we're desparate.

Here's a quick, simple and painless one: After you've applied your mascara and it's begun to dry, close your eyes and, holding your mascara wand horizontally, brush the tips of your eyelashes upward for a curled effect. This works best when the mascara you've already applied isn't wet anymore because the wet mascara will weigh lashes down. You can then open your eyes, fix any clumping and voila! Try it and tell me if it works for you!

Mascaras I LOOOOVE:

  • Dior's DiorShow in Blackout Hello darkness! Hello DRAMATIC!

  • Loreal Lash Architect Fair warning: can be flaky, but is very manageable if you're a mascara ninja. Gives my lashes the "fake" effect- probably the only time it's a compliment for someone to say something about you looks fake....

  • Physician's Formula Lash-In-A-Tube Cream Mascara This is my "primer" masacra. It's so soft and creamy that I can easily put any mascara right over it without struggle.