Sunday, December 12, 2010

If the shoe fits.... doesn't matter if it's not the right shade of gold. I went c-r-a-z-y looking for the perfect shade of gold shoes to match the dress I wore last weekend to a holiday party. Not true gold or soft gold or sparkly gold. More like burnished gold or old gold. I even considered desperate measures to make things match: paint the zipper detailing silver with nail polish? Spray paint a pair of strappy sandals gold? No and no. But almost.

Lucky for me, my boyfriend wandered into the shoe sale racks at Macy's and found me the perfect pair of Chinese Laundry gold shoes! That grants him immunity from my wrath for about.........oh who's already expired. Tada:

This is the one head to toe body shot we captured. We're plagued with red eye, Jess is on my foot and a camera man is doing Idunnowhat in the back? Fail shot.

A better look at the dress. That's 'Hey Everyone' Katie!

If I don't have to shoe shop for the rest of my life, I 'll be the happiest woman on earth. Maybe I'll just wear a simple black dress next year...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I found the place with the worst British accents

Really, I did. It's at Harry Potter island at Universal Islands of Adventure, which isn't really an island at all, but island sounds so much cooler than "area". So now I'll call this blog 'Nur's island' and my YouTube channel 'Nur's island' and my bedroom will be 'Nur's island' too. Listen, I appreciate the dedication of their employees, but a bad accent can't be explained away as a decided commitment to one's work. And furthermore, if you're going to work the accent against my recommendation, you need to speak to other employees with that accent too. Else you sound like you have multiple personality disorder and your numerous personalities are multicultural.

In other news, HARRY POTTER ISLAND IS AMAZING. Seriously. Given the chance, you need to go. Mind you, I've read all the books except the last one which I found to be just utterly and painstakingly boring (just like the movie that recently came out). Sorry. But everything about the attraction was perfect. I've never seen something brought to life so vividly and with so much attention to detail. It helped that it was overcast and cool because the trio always visit Hogsmeade in the winter. Have no idea what I'm talking about? Great, here are a slew of pictures to further confuse you:
In beauty terms, cream soda is a total dupe for butterbeer. Very similar, but butterbeer is sweeter (like that's necessary) and with a creme brulee-esque froth on top. PS- it's non-alcoholic.

Honeydukes was just like any candy store- but with a LONG line, overpriced candy and funny names. I got Jordan spontaneous, aye?

Sunday was spent at Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Disney isn't at all like I remember, although it's been a while since I've been. Side note: I somehow managed to sprain my ankle from walking around for 12 MOTHER FUZZIN hours on Saturday. And I was chewing toffee on Thanksgiving day while making my infamous Crackle (recipe to be posted soon!) and I yanked my tooth out on the toffee. Well, it isn't even really my tooth- it's my crown from my root canal. So just imagine me limping around with a missing tooth- pirate much? I could have jumped up next to the Pirates of the Caribbean animatronics and fit right in. Call me Nurghhh. The point is that I got to be pushed around in a wheelchair all day. Man was I pampered or what. Here are more pictures that you could probably just Google:

We stayed at Magic Kingdom till close at 7p and then we spent the rest of the night at Epcot. We whizzed through most of the rides and then the different countries. We stopped at Norway to ride the Viking ride and look what I found!

I think this is where internet trolls are bred. They must moonlight here. And gee, we all thought they had no lives?

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving break and I hope everyone else did too! Lots of love =)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Brown & Gold Glitter Smokey Eyes

In this video I'm wearing:

Base: Maybelline Smooth Liquid Mousse foundation set with Everyday Minerals Original Glo powder
  • This combination makes my skin look flawless in-person. It doesn't last very long, so it's not comparable to Estee Lauder Double Wear in endurance. The Smooth Liquid Mousse has a very tacky feel and seems like it never fully dries- hence the reason I set it with a powder. The Everyday Minerals Original Glo powder foundation is what really gives the flawless look. I'm not a fan of mineral makeup- oddly enough, it makes my skin breakout-so I can't wear it very often, but if you like mineral makeup, I highly recommend you check out Everyday Minerals.
Concealer: Origins Quick, Hide! in Neutralizer, Maybelline Dream Mousse concealer, MAC Select Cover Up in NW20

Lips: Jordana lipliner in Nutmeg, Lipfusion gloss in In The Flesh, Essence XXXL Nudes gloss in Nude Kiss
  • I've raved about the Jordana lipliners and the Lipfusion glosses before. The Essence lipgloss was a new purchase and I kind of like it over, well, everything. It's a slight pink color with lots of shimmer, so be weary if you're not into glitter. But it's nice over just about anything and it smells delicious! Oh, the price is delicious too- $1.99.

Nails: Ulta Salon Lacquer in Moody Blues
  • Absolutely in love with this color! A no-shimmer, dark navy blue that's perfect for fall/winter. I bought this months ago and wore it for the first time this weekend. A single coat is all I have on my nails. Put this on Saturday night and it's Wednesday night now- very minimal chipping. It's still available on the Ulta website, buy 2 get 2 free. Four nail polishes this nice for $10? I'll take it!
Eyes: Wet N' Wild Greed palette (flesh tone eyeshadow on brow bone), Covergirl Quad in Coffee Shop (warm brown color in crease), MAC Fluidline in Dipdown & Shiseido Hydro-Powder Eyeshadow in H1 Goldlights, Loreal Carbon Black mascara, Loreal HIP mascara, Revlon false lashes
  • I've never taken a moment to talk about Shiseido's Hydro-Powder eye shadows, but they are outstanding. Sephora online is currently sold-out of Goldlights (I had nothing to do with that-I'm not that cool). I also have Whitelights which I also like, but I tend to prefer the warmth of gold with my skin tone. I've had both for years and I actually bought mine at Dillard's. All the colors are fascinating, so test them the next time you pass a Shisedio counter- you won't be disappointed.
  • Revlon does some of the best affordable false lashes, especially for beginners. They usually come ready to stick on (this won't last!) and with a very malleable strip so they're not difficult to mold to your lash line.
Cheeks: Benefit Hoola & LORAC Bronzer in Glow
  • Lalalalalove LORAC Bronzer in Glow. It makes a beautiful blush when any other blush color won't do. Not to sound redundant, but it makes my skin glow....

Monday, August 30, 2010

Brush It Off

I know, I know. Why the hell am I talking about the Clarisonic when it's old news. Neanderthals reviewed it in wall etchings. (What would we call that- not blogged....rocked?) Just hear me out.
I wasn't really sure what I was going to think about the Clarisonic when I first used it. I've had it for many months now; a product sent for consideration. I wanted one ever since I read the rave reviews about it, but I never wanted to fork over the money. Or spoon it over, or knife it over or even spork it over. There are a million other things I could think to spend $225 on. But, I will say, that having had the experience, I'm a believer....I couldn't leaver her if I tried. ♫

The first test of whether the Clarisonic does anything is to figure out if it removes more makeup than my own hands can. Every time I try my hardest to wash off my makeup, the Clarisonic ALWAYS manages to find makeup I missed. And to think, so many nights I went to sleep believing my face was actually clean.

I'm a fan of using "tools" to help with cleansing (see article on complexion pad: Can't Live Without It). I'm already aware that these tools do more than I can ever accomplish with just my little homo sapien fingers. But I will say the Clarisonic does it more thoroughly and gentler than a complexion pad.

I can definitely verify the claim that the Clarisonic preps skin to receive treatments better. I use an AHA numerous times a week, and for those of you that have any experience with AHA's, you know that that stuff just doesn't sink in. And although it's not completely absorbed after using the Clarisonic, it is significantly more absorbed- enough to make sleeping with it on my face much MUCH more tolerable.

Here's my DUH point: Any sort of exfoliation will make your skin feel smooth, so of course the Clarisonic does that too.

If you're interested in trying the Clarisonic, here are tips to keep in mind:
  • Save yourself a lot of money and buy the Calrisonic Mia. I don't follow the timer on the Clarisonic Plus anyway. I'm 25, I don't need a "beep" to tell me where to clean my face next.
  • Consider buying it on QVC where you can pay in more affordable installments (better than paying by credit card and incurring the interest on it).
  • I have a sensitive brush head and that's perfect for me. Want more abrasive exfoliation? Press harder.
  • I still have the same brush head. I cleanse it well and disinfect it quite often to keep it in shape.
  • You should be moisturizing nightly anyhow, but it is even more imperative when you're doing this much exfoliation. Lessen the frequency of exfoliation if you have dry skin.
  • I always use something to take off my makeup: wipe, makeup removing cleanser, cold cream, etc. I then use the Clarisonic with a very mild cleanser like Cetaphil (or the cheaper Up & Up version of it at Target). Using a cleanser with salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or exfoliating beads is going to irritate your skin so bad it'll denounce you as its owner and tell you you're sleeping on the couch tonight. Umm, I'll get really red and irritated.
Now I know what the era acronym B.C. really stands for: Before Clarisonic.

I'd love to hear what you think of it. Especially if you don't like it. Write on!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Shaving Dream

I love the EOS Shave Cream. Yup, love it enough that I bought 2 more bottles this past weekend- one for me, one for the boyfriend.

Me first! I hate shaving cream and I've tried A LOT of different ones. I've used the Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel (voted best by Allure magazine) and it didn't do much for me other than leave rust rings in my tub. I've borrowed my boyfriend's Edge shaving gel. Same story. Skintimate even came out with a moisturizing shave cream. Right. It made my legs itch so terribly that I jumped right back in the shower to vigorously wash it off with soap. I always went back to a trick I discovered in college- shaving with hair conditioner. The only caveat was that I couldn't get a very close shave because hair conditioner is just too thick. But my legs always felt silky smooth!
Then I was sent EOS Shave Cream. It does everything that hair conditioner does and then some. My shave is much, MUCH closer, but my skin is still moisturized and protected. No itching, no dry, tight feeling. No rust rings in the tub. No shaking a metal bottle that's going to fly out of my wet hand. Any other shaving product? NO THANK YOU!

My boyfriend decided on his own (no bribing here!) that he would test it out for me. The exact text was "This shaving cream is amazing!" Um, what shaving cream honey? MY POMEGRANATE RASPBERRY SHAVE CREAM? Why yes, yes it was.

I could even notice the difference. Shaving usually does a number on his face, so much so, that it becomes a 'no touching zone' because it's so painful and irritated. But with EOS, the redness and knicks were greatly reduced.

I asked him for some feedback for this post....

Me: Babe, can you tell me what you liked about the EOS shave cream?

Jason: It gave me a smooth shave which irritated my skin less. But it also felt comfortable and it made my skin feel good. I actually like the smell, but don't tell anybody. [Sorry.]

Jason: :::Turns the volume for the TV back on:::

Me: I'm not done, is that all?

Jason: Yeah. [This was groaned.]

EOS should totally make a masculine scented cream in a black bottle. We're sold!

Other things that will make you feel like EOS cares:
  • Soft touch plastic and an ergonomic design make for an easy grip with wet hands.
  • The bottle is recyclable and the pump is propellant free.
  • No metal means no rust rings.
  • Most of the scents are paraben-free.

And P.S.- EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth. Such a statement of fact!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Box 'O Beauty Goodies

Hello all! I received a box of beauty goodies on Thursday and thought I'd share what was in it. I'll be doing reviews (good and bad) on all the stuff that's in there. I've already put some of the things to the test! Here's what's in store:

Clarisonic PLUS. Am I jumping on the bandwagon if I say I love this already? Yes? Well then I'd like to drive that bandwagon! The brush head for the face was for sensitive skin, so I'll be buying one for normal skin to see which works better for me.

EOS Shaving Cream and Lip Balm Spheres. I do have to say the
lip balms are easy to find in the dark abyss also known as my purse. And the shaving cream was tested by my brave boyfriend ON HIS FACE. Such chivalry. I have my reservations about shaving creams- they all make me itch and give me an attractive red rash on my legs. **BEAUTY TIP: I usually shave with Suave hair conditioner.** I'm a little nervous about this one people...

Beautyblender Sponge & Cleanser. I already owned two beautyblenders (thank you kind, younger but taller sister!) and then I bought two more and a cleanser a couple of days before this package came. I love it. Can't live without it. Do I really need to do a 10 minute video about how the beautyblender rocks my socks? Just buy it

Boscia skincare products. Specifically: Blotting Linens in Peppermint and Green Tea, Soothing Cleansing Cream, Balancing Facial Tonic, Daily Hand Revival Therapy & Sheer Tinted Moisturizer. I've tried the Boscia Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil before. It made my bad skin at the time even worse. My skin isn't as uncooperative now, so we'll see how these products pan out.

Red Flower Moisturizing Body Lotion in the scent 'Italian Blood Orange'. I've never heard of the company, so I'll be doing a bit of research around this whole "organic flowers, bio-dynamic honey" thing. Anyone know anything about this company? I would love to hear thoughts!

Supergoop! Everyday Lotion with SPF 30. I've already started reading about this company and I'm in like! I brought it to the water park yesterday, and other than it's fun to say, it was easy to apply with no funky scent. I'll have to continue use before giving an adequate review. In the meantime, just say the name: SUPERGOOP. It's fun.

Look for reviews in the near future! =)