Sunday, April 18, 2010

Box 'O Beauty Goodies

Hello all! I received a box of beauty goodies on Thursday and thought I'd share what was in it. I'll be doing reviews (good and bad) on all the stuff that's in there. I've already put some of the things to the test! Here's what's in store:

Clarisonic PLUS. Am I jumping on the bandwagon if I say I love this already? Yes? Well then I'd like to drive that bandwagon! The brush head for the face was for sensitive skin, so I'll be buying one for normal skin to see which works better for me.

EOS Shaving Cream and Lip Balm Spheres. I do have to say the
lip balms are easy to find in the dark abyss also known as my purse. And the shaving cream was tested by my brave boyfriend ON HIS FACE. Such chivalry. I have my reservations about shaving creams- they all make me itch and give me an attractive red rash on my legs. **BEAUTY TIP: I usually shave with Suave hair conditioner.** I'm a little nervous about this one people...

Beautyblender Sponge & Cleanser. I already owned two beautyblenders (thank you kind, younger but taller sister!) and then I bought two more and a cleanser a couple of days before this package came. I love it. Can't live without it. Do I really need to do a 10 minute video about how the beautyblender rocks my socks? Just buy it

Boscia skincare products. Specifically: Blotting Linens in Peppermint and Green Tea, Soothing Cleansing Cream, Balancing Facial Tonic, Daily Hand Revival Therapy & Sheer Tinted Moisturizer. I've tried the Boscia Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil before. It made my bad skin at the time even worse. My skin isn't as uncooperative now, so we'll see how these products pan out.

Red Flower Moisturizing Body Lotion in the scent 'Italian Blood Orange'. I've never heard of the company, so I'll be doing a bit of research around this whole "organic flowers, bio-dynamic honey" thing. Anyone know anything about this company? I would love to hear thoughts!

Supergoop! Everyday Lotion with SPF 30. I've already started reading about this company and I'm in like! I brought it to the water park yesterday, and other than it's fun to say, it was easy to apply with no funky scent. I'll have to continue use before giving an adequate review. In the meantime, just say the name: SUPERGOOP. It's fun.

Look for reviews in the near future! =)