Thursday, May 13, 2010

Shaving Dream

I love the EOS Shave Cream. Yup, love it enough that I bought 2 more bottles this past weekend- one for me, one for the boyfriend.

Me first! I hate shaving cream and I've tried A LOT of different ones. I've used the Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel (voted best by Allure magazine) and it didn't do much for me other than leave rust rings in my tub. I've borrowed my boyfriend's Edge shaving gel. Same story. Skintimate even came out with a moisturizing shave cream. Right. It made my legs itch so terribly that I jumped right back in the shower to vigorously wash it off with soap. I always went back to a trick I discovered in college- shaving with hair conditioner. The only caveat was that I couldn't get a very close shave because hair conditioner is just too thick. But my legs always felt silky smooth!
Then I was sent EOS Shave Cream. It does everything that hair conditioner does and then some. My shave is much, MUCH closer, but my skin is still moisturized and protected. No itching, no dry, tight feeling. No rust rings in the tub. No shaking a metal bottle that's going to fly out of my wet hand. Any other shaving product? NO THANK YOU!

My boyfriend decided on his own (no bribing here!) that he would test it out for me. The exact text was "This shaving cream is amazing!" Um, what shaving cream honey? MY POMEGRANATE RASPBERRY SHAVE CREAM? Why yes, yes it was.

I could even notice the difference. Shaving usually does a number on his face, so much so, that it becomes a 'no touching zone' because it's so painful and irritated. But with EOS, the redness and knicks were greatly reduced.

I asked him for some feedback for this post....

Me: Babe, can you tell me what you liked about the EOS shave cream?

Jason: It gave me a smooth shave which irritated my skin less. But it also felt comfortable and it made my skin feel good. I actually like the smell, but don't tell anybody. [Sorry.]

Jason: :::Turns the volume for the TV back on:::

Me: I'm not done, is that all?

Jason: Yeah. [This was groaned.]

EOS should totally make a masculine scented cream in a black bottle. We're sold!

Other things that will make you feel like EOS cares:
  • Soft touch plastic and an ergonomic design make for an easy grip with wet hands.
  • The bottle is recyclable and the pump is propellant free.
  • No metal means no rust rings.
  • Most of the scents are paraben-free.

And P.S.- EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth. Such a statement of fact!