Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I found the place with the worst British accents

Really, I did. It's at Harry Potter island at Universal Islands of Adventure, which isn't really an island at all, but island sounds so much cooler than "area". So now I'll call this blog 'Nur's island' and my YouTube channel 'Nur's island' and my bedroom will be 'Nur's island' too. Listen, I appreciate the dedication of their employees, but a bad accent can't be explained away as a decided commitment to one's work. And furthermore, if you're going to work the accent against my recommendation, you need to speak to other employees with that accent too. Else you sound like you have multiple personality disorder and your numerous personalities are multicultural.

In other news, HARRY POTTER ISLAND IS AMAZING. Seriously. Given the chance, you need to go. Mind you, I've read all the books except the last one which I found to be just utterly and painstakingly boring (just like the movie that recently came out). Sorry. But everything about the attraction was perfect. I've never seen something brought to life so vividly and with so much attention to detail. It helped that it was overcast and cool because the trio always visit Hogsmeade in the winter. Have no idea what I'm talking about? Great, here are a slew of pictures to further confuse you:
In beauty terms, cream soda is a total dupe for butterbeer. Very similar, but butterbeer is sweeter (like that's necessary) and with a creme brulee-esque froth on top. PS- it's non-alcoholic.

Honeydukes was just like any candy store- but with a LONG line, overpriced candy and funny names. I got Jordan almonds....so spontaneous, aye?

Sunday was spent at Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Disney isn't at all like I remember, although it's been a while since I've been. Side note: I somehow managed to sprain my ankle from walking around for 12 MOTHER FUZZIN hours on Saturday. And I was chewing toffee on Thanksgiving day while making my infamous Crackle (recipe to be posted soon!) and I yanked my tooth out on the toffee. Well, it isn't even really my tooth- it's my crown from my root canal. So just imagine me limping around with a missing tooth- pirate much? I could have jumped up next to the Pirates of the Caribbean animatronics and fit right in. Call me Nurghhh. The point is that I got to be pushed around in a wheelchair all day. Man was I pampered or what. Here are more pictures that you could probably just Google:

We stayed at Magic Kingdom till close at 7p and then we spent the rest of the night at Epcot. We whizzed through most of the rides and then the different countries. We stopped at Norway to ride the Viking ride and look what I found!

I think this is where internet trolls are bred. They must moonlight here. And gee, we all thought they had no lives?

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving break and I hope everyone else did too! Lots of love =)


  1. Oh my goodness! My family went to Disney World when I was a kid, and we have pics of us all next to that troll! I'm laughing so hard right now. :)

  2. Haha! I wish I could go! Sounds like so much fun, jealous!

  3. That is the best blog post ever. You had me cracking up. I had to read it out loud to my husband. Between the multiple multicultural personalities and the internet trolls, I'm not sure which was funnier!

  4. i'm surprised you found the last book so boring! i thought it kept me on my feet, but i felt like Rowling felt rushed to finish the series.

    anyways, i'm SOOOOOOOOOO jealous you went there! i love harry potter and i was so excited when i heard about this at disneyworld.

  5. @Ashley- Haha! There was a line to take pictures with the troll!!!

    @Chic Geek- It was a blast!! I would go again tomorrow if I could!

    @Marnie-Lol! I wrote this in one of those carefree moods!

    @Joti- I read about half-way through the last book and then stopped. I heard the end was great, but I didn't make it that far :/ If you have the opportunity to go to Harry Potter island, you must go!! It's an amazing experience! I did NOT want to leave!

  6. Yes I could google the pics but they wouldn't have the funy Nur captions! I hope you smacked those trolls for all the nasty comments they leave!