Sunday, December 12, 2010

If the shoe fits.... doesn't matter if it's not the right shade of gold. I went c-r-a-z-y looking for the perfect shade of gold shoes to match the dress I wore last weekend to a holiday party. Not true gold or soft gold or sparkly gold. More like burnished gold or old gold. I even considered desperate measures to make things match: paint the zipper detailing silver with nail polish? Spray paint a pair of strappy sandals gold? No and no. But almost.

Lucky for me, my boyfriend wandered into the shoe sale racks at Macy's and found me the perfect pair of Chinese Laundry gold shoes! That grants him immunity from my wrath for about.........oh who's already expired. Tada:

This is the one head to toe body shot we captured. We're plagued with red eye, Jess is on my foot and a camera man is doing Idunnowhat in the back? Fail shot.

A better look at the dress. That's 'Hey Everyone' Katie!

If I don't have to shoe shop for the rest of my life, I 'll be the happiest woman on earth. Maybe I'll just wear a simple black dress next year...