Thursday, August 4, 2011

Have We Met Previously? No? Have a nice life.

So my sister and I spent hours on iChat last night looking at old Facebook posts and reminiscing about our "craziness". We were looking through messages and we were having a riot laughing at our old, uptight selves. Here are some of my favorite messages, edited for privacy:
Ahem. Next:
And one more:
Zing cubed. The end.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Twilight Wedding

Let's cover the obvious: I'm not getting married, I'm not engaged, I'm not _____ (fill in the blank with whatever).

I just happened to have one of those 'just woke up in the middle of the night' moments, where I'm having a nightmare because my dog is digging her deadly talons into my back.

It's scientifically proven that in the first few moments when you wake up and your conscious mind hasn't kicked in, you have moments of clarity (read: truth). I get the oddest thoughts and most remarkable solutions during these times.

All that aside, this church I studied about in a college architecture class popped into my head. I made the connection between that church and Twilight about a year ago, but just never shared it with you. I wanted to tweet it, but Twitter is about brevity and I'm long-winded. Why share this you ask? See diagram below:
This church is a glass church in the middle of the forest in Arkansas. And seeing as Bella and Edward have a running theme of meeting in the forest, breaking up in the forest, doing the hokey pokey and turning themselves around in the forest, wouldn't this be the perfect place for them to be wed? Aside from my childish imagination, it's a stunningly beautiful church and architecturally impressive. It's the Thorncrown Chapel and I just can't choose ONE picture to share because you really have to see every angle, at all hours of the day, through all the seasons of the year, so visit the site and view the photo gallery here: Thorncrown Chapel

And if you want to imagine you and Robert Pattinson standing at the altar while you flip through the pictures, I won't judge. Of course, I didn't do that, but I'm team Jacob...woof!